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Sometimes young people make poor decisions. Sometimes they get themselves into trouble.  And when they do, it’s easy for a young person to feel like the world is against them – especially the adult world.  When young people are feeling like this, it is important that they have a trusted adult to journey with, to process with, to listen, and to help them positively navigate their challenging circumstances.  That’s what Snapshot Youth Services are all about – caring and trained youth workers providing one-on-one ‘along-side’ support for young people who are at-risk.

Snapshot provides a number of youth and family-whanau support services, in Nelson, Marlborough, and West Coast.



Who is it for?

  • 11-17 year olds who are on the brink of breaking the law or are already doing so.

  • Also 11-14 year olds who are not yet at-risk of offending, but are heading in that direction.

How We Do It

  • We provide short-term one-on-one support – typically one or two sessions a week – to help the young person work towards achieving their own goals and aspirations, as well as helping them build confidence, develop essential life skills, and engage positively in education and vocational opportunities.

  • We can also access other specialist services including counselling

Who Can Make Referrals?

Anyone can. Health and educational professionals, whanau  members and friends, a young person can even refer themselves. You can find a referral form here.


Snapshot services we provide for the Youth Justice section of the Ministry of Children Oranga Tamariki. Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast.

Youth Development

We provide short term one-on-one support to help a young person to complete goals that emerge from a Youth Justice Family Group Conference or Legal Order.


We provide longer-term one-on-one support for a Youth Justice client and/or younger siblings of Youth Justice clients.  Our youth workers provide positive guidance, encouragement, and help the young person achieve their own positive goals and aspirations.

Parenting Education

We provide short term one-on-one support for parents of Youth Justice clients.  Our support workers enable parents to build positive parenting skills to enhance whanau relationships.  This service is only available in Nelson.

Who can make referrals?

Only members of the Youth Justice team at Oranga Tamariki Ministry for Children.



Who Is It For?

10-18 year olds with mental health or addiction issues. Service provided in Nelson and Marlborough.

How We Do It

We provide mid to long term one-on-one support – typically one or two sessions a week – to help the young person:

  • manage their mental health challenges

  • work towards achieving their own goals and aspirations, 

  • build confidence and develop essential life skills

  • engage positively in education and vocational opportunities.

Who can make referrals?

Nelson Marlborough District Health Board, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) and Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Care Managers. 

If you know of a young person who needs support due to mental health/addiction challenges, the main pathway for them to receive Gateway’s Youth Community support service is to make an appointment for the young person with their GP. The GP will do a basic mental health or addiction assessment, and subsequently make a referral to CAMHS and AOD.


Youth House - Nelson

Gateway Youth House provides a caring and supportive environment for young people engaged with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) services who need a secure and structured environment to work towards their wellness, education and independent living goals.

The house is warm and comfortable with space for up to six young people and boasts facilities such as free WiFi, television and playstation along with easy access to schools, colleges and tertiary education as well as a range of city amenities within easy walking distance.  A placement at the Youth House gives young people from 16 – 22 years of age the chance to develop essential lifeskills, build friendships, and develop their self confidence with 24 hour onsite support from trained and experienced residential support workers.

The support we provide is tailor made for each individual but we'll give you support in getting to and from appointments, work experience and education as well as embedding a routine that will help develop independent living skills such as; budgeting, menu planning/cooking and nutrition, job search and skills for flatting. Our team also provides access to a range of activities and day trips during weekends and holiday periods.

Referrals to the Youth House are via CAMHS or Nelson Marlborough District Health Board Case Managers.


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