A Gateway to your wellbeing

Gateway provides residential and community support services to adults and young people
who experience significant difficulties as a result of mental illness.

Helping You

Adult Services

for people living or transitioning back into the community who have experienced challenges regaining or maintaining their mental wellbeing.


Youth Services

Caring and trained youth workers providing one-on-one ‘along-side’ support for young people who are at-risk.


Residential Services

Our Hapai Te Ora Crisis and Respite service allows you time out from your normal daily life to rest, reassess and set new goals. 


Achieve Wellbeing

Wellbeing looks different for each of us but what it can be broadly described as is, a “state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. 


How Can You Help?

Gateway is all about empowering people towards wellbeing.  To do this well requires more than just the input of health professionals and support workers – we need caring people from the community getting involved.  Find out more here.