About Us


Wellbeing looks different for each of us but what it can be broadly described as is, a “state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”.

Who better to determine what wellbeing looks like then people seeking support.

Gateway's vision is Empowering People Towards their Own Wellbeing.

We do this by Working in Partnership with People at the Centre.

Established in 1992 Gateway Housing Trust better known as Gateway supports people to wellbeing. Gateway delivers services in the health and social service sectors and currently provides a range of services for youth and adults including:

  1. Community Support, assisting people to live their lives to their potential;

  2. Residential Support, assisting people with intensive engagement through supported accommodation settings;

  3. Youth Services, assisting young people at risk.

Gateway is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems accredited. We are one of the largest providers of community support services in the top of the South. With a brilliant bunch of people delivering services across the West Coast, Marlborough, Nelson and Tasman.


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