Gateway – Youth Services

Gateway recognises that older adolescents and young people have specific requirements which are different from adults, particularly in regards to their mental health. To best assist young people, Gateway has developed both community and residential services which are staffed by trained, Youth Support Workers. These services are available to young people between the ages of 12 – 22 years (although exceptions can be made), who are experiencing difficulties as a result of mental illness. Referrals to these services are made through NMDHB Mental Health Services.

Youth House

Gateway Housing Trust - Youth Services

Gateway’s Residential Youth Service runs from a fully furnished house, in a quiet, residential area of central Nelson. The House is staffed 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, year round. The house can accommodate five young people. Each young person has their own bedroom which they are encouraged to personalise with their own belongings. All the other areas in the house are shared. All food, linen and services are provided by Gateway for the young people. The house is alcohol, (illicit) drug and smoke free (young people may smoke outside, but not in the house).

Young people in the house are generally aged between 16 – 22yrs and require 24 hr access to support because of the nature of their illness. Staff in the house work closely with the young people’s NMDHB Case Managers and whenever possible encourage the involvement of family and whanau with the young people in the house.

The Youth House provides an excellent stepping stone between a young person leaving home and starting to live independently. Each young person is expected to be involved in the day to day running of the house; Youth Workers being available to teach, support and help with this as needed.

Young people are encouraged and supported to:

  • Attend school or training
  • Find work
  • Make and sustain social relationships
  • Take part in recreational and house activities
  • Be self sufficient
  • Make good decisions
  • Be self responsible

Those young people most likely to benefit from being part of the Youth House are those who:

  • Want to live in supported accommodation
  • Want to learn, grow and develop life skills
  • Can live in a shared flatting environment
  • Want to identify and work towards goals

Youth Community Support

Gateway has three Youth Community Support teams which are based in Blenheim, Nelson and Motueka. The Blenheim team covers Blenheim, the Marlborough Sounds and as far south as Seddon.  The Nelson team covers the wider Nelson area and Stoke. The Motueka team covers Tasman district, as far as Riwaka, Murchison and Tapawera are covered by either team, depending on availability. The team supports young people with mental health issues between the ages of 12 – 18 years. All referrals come to Youth Community Support through NMDHB Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

The Youth Community Team are experienced and qualified Youth Support Workers who work with young people living at home or in their own accommodation in the community. The team can provide one to one support for up to seven hours a week.

The type of support provided depends on the goals that the young person sets. For some this is around transition from school to work or training. For others it may be about keeping motivated, wanting to develop social networks or pursue particular interests. For all young people it is about learning to be independent and self sufficient; how to look after their health, gain living skills and having a quality life. Outdoor activities, sports and social outings are also an important part of support. During school holidays the team plan activities such as BBQ’s, swimming, walks, picnics, trips to the movies or maybe get together at a local cafe.

Whenever possible the Youth Support Worker will keep family/caregivers involved in planning and informed about the how the young person is doing. Experience tell us that families and caregivers often need support and encouragement too, so the team are available as a resource to the family/caregiver of the young person also.

If you would like more information about these services or any of Gateway’s services in other areas, please contact the Main Office on P: (03) 545 7100 or E: