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This service is located in a residential area within ten minutes walking distance of central Nelson. The service accommodates ten adults, each person having their own individual flat. There is an office on site with 24/7 staffing, 365 days a year. The office is open from 8.00am to 10.00pm each day but staff may be contacted at any time outside of office hours. The staff who work in this service have the Certificate in Mental Health Community Support Work as a minimum qualification. All food, linen and services are supplied by Gateway.

This service provides for those individuals who as a result of a mental illness, have high support requirements around day to day activities. The service is Recovery* focused and works with each individual to build on their strengths and develop those other areas where they may lack confidence or skills. Service users are encouraged and given support to take responsibility for their own flats, cooking meals and shopping. In addition to this staff assist service users find new interests and activities within the community, find work or training and learn how to access community resources. An important part of the staff’s work is to help service users develop good self care and an understanding about how to keep well. Staff work closely with service users, their NMDHB Care Managers and GP’s to ensure that service users maintain good physical and mental health. For most service users in this service this includes oversight of medication. Staff at Milton Court welcome the involvement of families and whanau whenever possible.

As with all Gateway Housing Trust residential services, alcohol and illicit drugs are not allowed on the premises.

All referrals for this service are through NMDHB (Adult) Mental Health Services.

*Recovery is defined as, having a quality life in the presence or absence of Mental Illness.

Community Support Services

Gateway has a Community Support team for adults living in the Nelson and Tasman areas. The Community Support Team provides between one to seven hours (depending on their requirements) of 1:1 support per week to people living in their own homes in the community.

The level of support which is required for someone wanting Community Support is determined by the NMDHB Needs Assessor, who meets with each person prior to referral to Gateway. All referrals come through the NMDHB (Adult) Mental Health teams.

The type of support which each person gets varies depending on the goals which they identify. There is no ‘one size fits all’ support; each person has their own experience of mental illness and their own set of strengths and experiences to build on. Some of the things that Community Support Workers (CSWs) help with include finding work, or getting stared in training, helping with shopping, building skills needed to run a home, joining in recreational activities and generally learning what resources the community has and how to access them.

Community Support Workers working in this team are all qualified. They work closely with NMDHB Care Managers and GPs to ensure that the health and mental health needs of service users are attended to and to assist service users maintain their own wellness.

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Snapshot Youth Service

This service is available in Nelson, Tasman and Wairau.  Click here for more information.

If you would like more information about this service or any of Gateway’s services in other areas, please contact the Main Office on Ph: (03) 545 7100 or Email: